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Counseling usually occurs in my office in down town Boulder. Should you arrive early, there are a number of coffee shops, restaurants and a health food market within a short walking distance from my office. For people living outside the area, I also provide sessions via telephone.  


My hourly fee for personal counseling is $145, payable by check or cash at the end of each session. For those clients who prefer to pay by credit card, I also accept PayPal payments (see below). When paying by credit card, the payment should be made before the time of the session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do sessions take place?
I offer sessions via telephone.

How often do we meet?
If you want to make significant changes in your life then it is helpful to meet for an hour-long session each a week. For clients who have been working with me for a while, or for those with busy schedules who find it hard to meet weekly, we can also arrange a different schedule (for example, two times a month).

How is Happenstance Counseling different than psychotherapy?
Therapy often deals with dysfunction, or in trying to help people overcome significant emotional or behavioral problems. Happenstance Counseling works with people who are highly functioning but would like to experience greater success, meaning and satisfaction in their lives and careers.

How long does counseling take?
Happenstance Counseling helps you to take action in your life starting with the first session. So you should begin seeing positive results immediately. Nevertheless, a general rule of thumb is that it takes at least a 3-month period (12 sessions) to experience significant changes in your life.

What if I want to stop my sessions and start again later?
It is not unusual for people to stop their sessions and start back up again later. You can also change to a different schedule (more or less monthly sessions) according to your needs.

What if I miss a session or am late for a session?
If you need to reschedule an appointment, a 48 hour notice is appreciated and a minimum of 24 hour notice is required. If you miss your scheduled appointment without a 24 hour notice you will have to pay for the missed session. If you are late for your session, it will still end at the usual time.

How much does it cost?
Counseling rates can be found at the top of the services page.


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