Weekend Workshop at Esalen

Fail Fast, Fail Often! Creating a Life of Passionate Action

June 16-18, 2017

Workshop Details

Joyous and successful people spend less time planning and more time acting. They get out into the world and have fun exploring, including making mistakes, and in so doing benefit from unexpected experiences and opportunities. Drawing from scholarship in innovation, entrepreneurship, and positive psychology, this workshop is designed to show you how to follow your interests and take action, even though you may be unsure of your career plans, feel stuck in a rut, or be apprehensive of failure.

The class shows you how to:

· Trust your enthusiasm and allow it to guide you

· Break free from habitual behaviors and initiate new adventures

· Act boldly with minimal preparation

· Leverage your creativity and strengths for rapid change

Sessions will include role-playing and mindfulness activities to promote a positive attitude towards risk-taking and making mistakes, as well as the opportunity to interact with the instructor and work in small groups to form personal action plans. Regardless of your age or experience, this workshop can help you live more passionately and empower you to embrace new possibilities in your life.

Recommended: Babineaux, Fail Fast, Fail Often: How Losing Can Help You Win.

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